We Protect Against Vandalism & Theft on Your Jobsites

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Motion detectors with built‐in cameras are wireless and can be placed anywhere. They will detect motion and transmit video.


The 24/7 monitoring center staff will verify an intrusion by viewing the video feed.


Staff will contact the designated authorities


The camera security trailer is equipped with flood lights that turn on, sirens that sound, strobe lights that flash and an audible two‐way voice system.

Jobsite theft disrupts schedules and cuts into profits.
Camera Security Trailers (CST) offers new technology that effectively controls vandalism and theft, keeping you on schedule and profitable.

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Three camera security trailers have 27 electronic eyes. The cost is less than 1 security guard.


15 of these camera eyes include infra-red motion detectors and are wireless. They can be placed anywhere. 12 other live cameras can be viewed by the dispatcher or contractor from any smart device any time.

Alerts 24/7

Electronically this system will detect motion, verify the cause of motion via camera video feed, dispatch proper authorities to a verified threat, deter the intruder with flood lights, sirens, strobe lights and 2-way voice communications.


  • Live feed – 24×7 – we don’t have the need for sleep
  • GPS system – trailer moves – instant notification
  • Affordable – 27 eyes for the price of 2!
  • Dependable – our eyes don’t blink
  • Multi-platform app for remote monitoring
  • Nationwide dispatch – quality control does not detect animals, snow rain
  • Alerts 24×7 –  no breaks required
  • Alarm with voice activated response – allows the owner to use their phone via any location to speak to the burglar through voice controls
  • 4 pan tilt zoom cameras, 1 microphone, strobe lights, siren – our eyes see 1 mile away

Detect, Verify, Dispatch
and Deter

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  • Three fixed, two-megapixel IP cameras
  • One, four-megapixel IP pan-tilt-zoom camera with 30x optical zoom
  • Network Video Recorder with 500 gig solid state hard drive
  • Five intelligent outdoor motion detection devices, immune to most sources of false alarms like snow and rain, small animals, and blowing objects. A video verification camera is included in each motion detector These are portable, battery operated and have a one‐mile maximum line of site range
  • Arm and disarm system from a free phone app
  • Four flood lights that will automatically turn on when motion detector is tripped
  • Smart devices can be used at any time to view site from trailer mounted cameras
  • Dispatch center will be notified when motion detector trips
  • Dispatcher can review video clip showing cause of motion alert
  • Dispatcher notifies contractor only on verified intrusion
  • Smart devices can be used at any time to view site from trailer mounted cameras
  • Internet connection with metered data service
  • GPS security with geo fence and battery and systems remote monitoring
  • Trailer provides mobility and easy to use hydraulic mast tower
  • Trailer provides all power for cameras and  systems via solar charged battery bank
  • Trailer has a security system that is  monitored



Camera Security Trailers is devoted to protecting your construction assets. Our affordable security trailers are your eyes, ears, and voice when you need it.

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